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Flexible Watch

Recently I bought this nice watch ‘Oclock’ by Italian producer Fullspot at the & Designshop in Rotterdam. The flexible, elastic strap is made of silicon and so the clock can be easily pressed out to replace either the strap or clock with another colour. Many colours are available.

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Pas geleden heb ik dit mooie horloge ‘Oclock’ gekocht van de Italiaanse fabrikant Fullspot bij de & Designshop in Rotterdam. De flexibele, elastische horlogeband is gemaakt van siliconenrubber waardoor je het klokje er makkelijk uit kan drukken om het bandje of het klokje te vervangen door een andere kleur. En er zijn veel kleuren.

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Strawberry season

The strawberry season has arrived! And how good they are…

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De aardbeientijd is aangebroken! En wat zijn ze weer lekker…

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Violin Making

This educational show window in the center of the Dutch town of Haarlem gives instructions on how to build a violin with examples in each stage of the process. Pure craftsmanship, very nice actually.

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Deze educatieve etalage in het centrum van Haarlem geeft instructies over hoe je een viool bouwt met voorbeelden in elk stadium van het proces. Puur vakmanschap, heel mooi om te zien.

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Stars & Stripes

The American flag, nicknamed ‘Old Glory’ as seen through the ‘Momument with Standing Beast’ sculpture in front of the James Thompson Center in downtown Chicago. The sculpture was made by French artist Jean Dubuffet in 1984.

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De Amerikaanse vlag bijgenaamd ‘Old Glory’ gezien door het kunstwerk met de naam ’Momument with Standing Beast’ voor het James Thompson Center in downtown Chicago. De sculptuur is gemaakt door de Franse kunstenaar Jean Dubuffet in 1984.

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Shopping New York

Shop & Walk traffic light in New York City

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Grand Union Canal

Typical English canal houses lined up along the Grand Union Canal in North Central London. The canal connects Londen with the second largest city in England, Birmingham.

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Typische Engelse Grachtenpanden gelegen langs het Grand Union Canal in Noord-Centraal Londen. Het kanaal verbindt Londen met de tweede stad van Engeland, Birmingham.

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Kitchen Renovation

Currently working on a kitchen renovation. It is a cheap Ikea kitchen which will be upgraded and remain functional during the renovation. The basic layout will not be changed. There will be a new top, a new sink , new fronts for the lower cabinets and new upper cabinets as well as a new built-in extractor. Also a high cabinet will be replaced by a low one to increase the work top size. Recently these tiles on the back wall are removed and replaced by something new. Another set of tiles appeared after taking off the first layer.

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