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Abstract Cologne

mural cologne

This abstract wall sculpture is located at the facade of a structure right behind the Antoniter Church in the Schildergasse in the center of Cologne.

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Deze abstracte, monumentale wandkunst bevindt zich op een gevel net achter de Antoniter kerk aan de Schildergasse in het centrum van Keulen.

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Oily Art

I have featured this artwork called ‘Peak Oil’ by Joep van Lieshout before but this nightshot is actually nicer. The oiliness really comes to life with the blue and yellow reflection of the city lights.

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Girl with the Pearl Earring

This wonderful wall decoration is made of coloured square sheets that together make up a pixelated image of the famous Johannes Vermeer 17th century painting ’Girl with the Pearl Earring’. You can order any pixelated picture at this website called Ixxi.

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Deze mooie wanddecoratie is gemaakt van gekleurde vierkante plaatjes die samen het beroemde schilderij ‘Meisje met de Parel’ van Johannes Vermeer. Je kunt elke gepixelde afbeelding bestellen bij Ixxi.

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Le Corbusier Mural

Concrete wall art by Le Corbusier at the Unité d’Habitation in Firminy, France.

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Farty Submarine Dock

Organ Art exhibition of Joep van Lieshout on the RDM premises in the former submarine dock in Rotterdam South.

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Pieke Bergmans

Light Blubs made of blown glass by Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans.

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Light Blubs gemaakt van geblazen glas van de Nederlandse designer Pieke Bergmans.

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