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Folded Chairs

We have just delivered 20 chairs at a visitor’s center of a regional heritage park in the east of The Netherlands.

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steel folding chairs



Folding chairs

folding chair design

These classic folding chairs are making up the terrace of the recently renovated Vermeyden Delicatessen at the Binnenweg in Rotterdam. This type is one of many with a similar shape and materials.see also: Tram Remittance
see also: Folding Chair

Deze klassieke klapstoelen maken het terras van de recent gerenoveerde Vermeyden Delicatessen aan de Binnenweg in Rotterdam. Dit type klastoel is één van de velen met een gelijksoortige vorm en materiaal.

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Top 10 folding chairs

During my research preceeding the design of the STEEL folding chair, I came across some other great folding chair designs. Here’s my personal all-time top 10 (in random order):

#1: STEEL chair (2013) designed by Reinier de Jong

folding chair

#2: Hille chair (1974) designed by Frederick Scott

Hille Chair

#3: Piana chair (2011) by David Chipperfield for Alessi

piana chair

#4: SE18 chair (1952) designed by Egon Eiermann

Eiermann Chair

#5: Folding chair (1980) designed by Giorgio Cattelan/Cidue

Cidue Chair

#6: Coiled chair (2013) designed by Thomas Jenkins

Coiled Chair

#7: Aviva chair (1979) designed by Marc Berthier/Magis

Aviva Chair

#8: Hiroshima chair (2010) designed by Naoto Fukasawa/Maruni

Hiroshima Chair

#9: Air chair (1999) designed by Jasper Morrison/Magis

Air Chair

#10: Submit your suggestion:

Folding chairs

Folding chairs in Delfshaven, waiting to be unfolded.

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Vouwstoelen in Delfshaven, wachtend op een nieuwe dag om uitgevouwen te worden.

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