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Side walk shed New York

This is a photoshopped picture of mine of what a new sidewalk shed design might look like. Sidewalk sheds are temporary structures to keep sidewalks clear for pedestrians during construction work. This proposal intends to appeal to and engage with a great number of people in public space. The iconic human shaped figures are supporting the roof and communicate a sense of optimism and solidarity and at the same time they indicate that it is construction site where workers are doing their job. Given the fact that the figures can be illuminated, they add to a feeling of safety for pedestrians underneath the shed. It was my entry for a sidewalk shed design competition in 2009. Some texts above the figures would have made the proposal even more communicative. And showing the actual scaffolding on top would have made the images look more realistic.

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We Are Human

NYC has hundreds of miles of depressing sidewalk sheds due to ever ongoing construction work. My proposal for a sidewalk shed design competition called ‘We Are Human’ aims to radiate the great sense of optimism and energy that characterizes NYC. It not only expresses the vibrant spirit of New Yorkers but also reminds us of the construction workers who keep adding the ‘NEW’ to New York. The illuminated human shaped figures will appear all over town and become an icon of the city.