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Top 10 Folding Chairs

During my research preceeding the design of the STEEL folding chair, I came across some other great folding chair designs. Here’s my personal all-time top 10 (in random order):

#1: STEEL chair (2013) designed by Reinier de Jong

folding chair

#2: Hille chair (1974) designed by Frederick Scott

Hille Chair

#3: Piana chair (2011) by David Chipperfield for Alessi

piana chair

#4: SE18 chair (1952) designed by Egon Eiermann

Eiermann Chair

#5: Folding chair (1980) designed by Giorgio Cattelan/Cidue

Cidue Chair

#6: Coiled chair (2013) designed by Thomas Jenkins

Coiled Chair

#7: Aviva chair (1979) designed by Marc Berthier/Magis

Aviva Chair

#8: Hiroshima chair (2010) designed by Naoto Fukasawa/Maruni

Hiroshima Chair

#9: Air chair (1999) designed by Jasper Morrison/Magis

Air Chair


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