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Dark grey chair

On very special request I made this dark grey version of our otherwise white STEEL folding chairs. The chairs are made of ash wood broom handles which have been carved out to create a comfortable seat and back rest. The folding chairs are made in small series and are available in some very special shops.

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dark grey chair

Yellow table

Again two yellow VOLT tables have been made, one for a client in Belgium and one for a client in Switzerland. The tables were customized in terms of dimensions: One table is 230 x 95 cm and the other 150 x 100 cm.

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yellow table

Side walk shed New York

This is a photoshopped picture of mine of what a new sidewalk shed design might look like. Sidewalk sheds are temporary structures to keep sidewalks clear for pedestrians during construction work. This proposal intends to appeal to and engage with a great number of people in public space. The iconic human shaped figures are supporting the roof and communicate a sense of optimism and solidarity and at the same time they indicate that it is construction site where workers are doing their job. Given the fact that the figures can be illuminated, they add to a feeling of safety for pedestrians underneath the shed. It was my entry for a sidewalk shed design competition in 2009. Some texts above the figures would have made the proposal even more communicative. And showing the actual scaffolding on top would have made the images look more realistic.

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unusual panelling

This panelling in a bar in Brussels is made of woven fire hoses. I would like to believe they are recycled but knowing how tough it is to find a fair stock of used broom handles for a chair…

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Roof park

The roof park in Rotterdam was opened in 2013. It is a park situated on the entire roof of a strip mall in Rotterdam-West. In the background is the wonderfully renovated Haka building from the early 1930’s and at the right the three Marconi towers designed by Skidmore Owings Merill (SOM) from the 1970’s.

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dressoirkast / sideboard

Last week I delivered this made-to-measure sideboard to a client nearby. They requested a sideboard that would match their REK coffee table. The sideboard is white but has fronts of beech wood: four doors and four drawers. The texture of the wood continues in the fronts over the full length of the sideboard.

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Deze op maat gemaakte dressoirkast is voor een klant in de buurt. Ze wilden een kast die aansluit op de REK salontafel die ze ook hadden besteld. De dressoirkast is wit maar heeft beukenhouten frontjes: vier deurtjes en vier laden. De frontjes zijn zodanig gemaakt dat de houtnerf doorloopt over de gehele breedte van de kast. Subtiele rvs greepjes maken het af.

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